Deep Space Furniture Bed Design For Kids

Deep Space Furniture Bed Design For Kids

Looking for a design for your kids’ bedroom? Well, why not set up a space-themed room for them! Versatile, fun, and gender-neutral, this motif triggers the creativity and imagination of your children with space and science.

Astronomy and space always leave people wide-eyed and amazed at the weird but fascinating existence of it all.

It’s an excellent idea to have a space-themed bedroom for your children since it will give them an idea of how beautiful outer space is.

As parents, you must be proud of your children if they’re captivated by the wonders of outer space.

It’s common for young children to dream that they’ll become an astronaut someday. Who knows? Your kid might be an actual astronaut in the future!

How to decorate a deep space furniture bed?

The moment your kids learned about outer space at school, there’s a huge chance that they’ll be mesmerized by it. Their amazement differs depending on the child but it usually occurs when they reach around 5 years old.

When this happens, your kids may convince you to set up a space-themed room for them.

In decorating deep space furniture, choosing the right furnishing fabric is essential. The idea may terrify you at first but having the right furnishing fabric can make you realize that it isn’t complex at all.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop listed some tips on how you can have a space-themed bedroom for your kids.

  1. Space Shuttle Shaped Bed

Imagine your children’s excitement once they enter their bedroom and see their space shuttle shaped bed. This is great for kids who love to imagine that they’re exploring outer space.

  1. Space Shuttle Curved Cupboard

It’s your role as parents to give your kid’s a space rocket-themed closet which looks like cargo as extra space furniture in their bedrooms.

The height of the space-themed closet should be 59 inches and 18 inches wide. This calculation will provide you with 5 drawers and open storage situated above them.

This will give the feeling as if your kids are in a space centre. They will be encouraged to store their stuff after clattering them if their cupboard looks like a space rocket.

  1. Bed Cover

Do you have kids who are so excited about becoming an astronaut? You need to help them visualize their dreams by getting them astronaut bed covers with matching pillows and a duvet with astronaut patterns.

It’s every little astronaut’s dream to have a space-themed bedroom. So why not make their dreams into a reality by giving them bed covers with an astronaut design?

Make sure you purchase the right furnishing fabric to avoid any problems in the long run.

  1. Constellation Bed Set

A constellation bed collection is another duvet set design for the space-themed bedroom. If your kids are into astronomy, they’ll love constellation pillows and bed covers.

There are reversible bed covers available with both sides containing constellation prints. Doing this can set the mood for your kids as if they’re sleeping surrounded by stars.

  1. Solar System Decorations

Adding a solar system inspired decorations like planets, spaceships, and stars can fulfill your children’s space-themed room.

Several stores sell space-themed décor. You can install hanging lights covered with planets or hang planet decorations on the ceiling.

Making this can also teach your kids the name of every planet.

  1. Wall Mural

After preparing all the necessary equipment for painting the walls with space-related photos, you can invite your children if they’re old enough to join the project.

If you haven’t prepared the equipment yet, attaching wallpapers with space images for the ceiling and wall is recommended. Glow in the dark moon and star ornaments are also great.

  1. Planetary Wall Clock

Say goodbye to boring wall clocks. With a solar system inspired wall clock, your kids will surely look at the time often. Doing this can help them practice punctuality at a very young age.

  1. Doormat

Placing a constellation themed doormat can tell anyone that the room they’re about to enter has an outer space decoration.

Doormats come in different materials so choose the environment-friendly fibre. This can also filter dirt from your kids’ shoes before they enter their room.

Support your kids’ dreams of becoming an astronaut by creating an outer space-themed room for them. This is a great way to motivate your children to achieve their goals.

Remember to purchase the right furnishing fabric to make your investment long-lasting and worthwhile. Having the proper fabric can also help your kids achieve a sound sleep.