Home Office Essentials for Working From Home

Every freelance writer, designer, or editor needs a place to work. Here are some tips for setting up your home office.

Home offices are an excellent place for a freelance writer to work. You can work in your pajamas, enjoy the comforts of your own home, and not have to spend so much money on coffee. These are a few essentials that every home office should have to operate at full potential.

Computer or Laptop

Whether you choose a desktop or a laptop is completely dependent on your personal work style. Do you prefer sitting on your own workspace separate from the rest of your home? If so, you might choose a desktop. Would you rather work from other rooms on occasion or take your work to a local coffee shop? Then a laptop might be your choice. Regardless of which one you choose, make sure to invest in a quality machine. It doesn’t have to be top of the line, but it should be reliable and able to handle your everyday needs.

Home Office Furniture

Choosing office furnishings is important. A quality home office desk and chair are crucial to keeping you comfortable. An ergonomic chair will keep your back and neck straight, eliminating pain that results from slouching. Your office desk should be the correct height, not too tall and not too short. Office desks that seem to be “close enough” will soon prove highly uncomfortable after working for a couple of hours.

High Speed Internet Access and Business Productivity Software

Freelance writers spend a lot of time online. A large amount of work is found on the internet, and client communication often occurs in the form of emails. Having high-speed internet access is absolutely necessary. When you spend so much time online, time wasted waiting for pages to load and files to transfer adds up quickly. Shop around in your area and find some reliable internet providers. Decide if it is best for you to get cable internet, broadband internet, or DSL.

Working from home has wonderful flexibility, but it can be debilitating if a work at home office space is not dedicated. Avoid distractions by implementing a home office.

Software can do a lot of things. Probably most importantly, software can automatically back-up your files while you work. This prevents a devastating loss if something was to happen and you forgot to save. Cloud storage software will back-up automatically and stores your files online, so you can still access them if your computer ever crashes. Another software essential is a calendar where you can track all your deadlines. Most online calendars will send automatic reminders when a deadline is getting close.

Freelance writers don’t need a lot to get started. With these four must-haves, you can start your writing career