Ideas for a Fabulous Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are very popular here in the UK. Most homeowners who are looking for ways on how to use up extra space or add value to their homes are opting to turn their lofts into an extra room, or even extra rooms. Did you know that you can add a 12.5% value to your home if you convert your loft? There are a lot of advantages associated with loft conversions. But the big question always is; what do I convert my loft into?

Researching how lofts have been converted in magazines and online will help inspire you in designing the loft. The most important thing is knowing what type of room will give your family the most pleasure and be practical. To help you make an informed choice, here are some suggestions on creative uses for a loft conversion.

  1. An Art Room

If you are a painter, then you can bear witness how messy painting can be. Converting a loft into an art room can be of great benefit to you. Not only will it give you a separate room to work on your paintings, but it will also free you from unnecessary interruptions from other family members. You can design the loft by installing more windows that will let through enough light for easy painting. Turning a loft into an art room is super simple. The space is adequate, and you can utilize it by installing shelves to hold your paintings. The same goes for writers, designers and any other artistic pursuit that requires concentration.

  1. A Teen’s Den

There’s a thing with teenagers that makes them feel the need to isolate themselves. This is mostly because they feel more grown up than the surrounding grown-ups. Converting the loft into a teenager’s den is one of the best ways to show your kid that you acknowledge their need for privacy. You will be assigning them a cool and unique joint to hang out with their friends. Moreover, converting a loft into a teenager’s den gives you the time to interact with your son or daughter through the planning stage. Make sure that you seek their input before converting the loft. Ensure that there are sufficient power outlets that can plug in TVs, laptops and other electronic gadgets.

  1. A Gaming Lounge

Kids, especially boys love playing video games. Most parents spend most of their weekends separating fights on who should use the TV in the living room. If you are in such a dilemma, then you can convert your loft into a gaming lounge. All that is needed in the way of décor is a decent a paint job. You can then install cabinets, a TV, video game consoles and even a sound system. The attic is the perfect spot for a gaming lounge since it is separated from the main house.

  1. A Relaxation Room

Today’s world is so busy that we no longer have time to relax. It is up to us to make time to ease the tension. Converting a loft into a spa type relaxation room is an excellent idea. Since attics are located at the top of the house, you can fit large glass windows that will give you a view of the neighbourhood. You can either place a sofa or a bed there, whatever works for you. You can also buy a small fridge that will be used to store drinks. Whenever you are stressed or during weekends, all you must do is go to the attic and enjoy an elevated view while sipping your favourite drink, reading a book, or whatever else relaxes you.

As time goes by, our homes become more crowded, usually with additions to the family along with possessions. Instead of moving to a bigger house, you can utilize the unused space on your loft. Once you find the ideal use for your attic, it’s time to contact a loft conversion company who will give you a free quote for the job. Remember, whatever you pay will be an investment, as home extensions almost always offer a significant ROI.