Moving to A New House, A Step-By-Step Guide

Moving house is always a complicated, stressful and time-consuming project but there are ways to make this daunting task less difficult and more enjoyable.

Moving is often ranked as one of the most stressful things any of us can do in our lives, and currently of multiple bank accounts, insurance policies, credit cards and other memberships that all include address details on signing up there are a lot of things that need to be arranged along with the physical act of moving.

Changing Details

Remembering all the institutions you need to contact when moving is one thing, but they all have their own way of dealing with what one would think is a simple task, so it may take a little more effort than is first realise.

In order to plan this, it is possible to use a website like which does some of the work, but for those that maybe aren’t wholly comfortable putting all their details on an aggregator like this here is a quick check-list of the sort of things you will need to update:

Utilities- Gas, Water, Electric, Telephone, Broadband Provider, Cable TV, Mobile Phone, TV Licence

Financial – Banks, Credit Cards, Insurance, Pensions, Shares

Government – DVLA, Council Tax (UK), passport

With some of these it will be possible to change online, others will require a letter or phone call and the odd one may still require a personal visit, so it isn’t quite the painless task it could be.

Packing & Getting Rid of Excess

There are numerous guides to de-cluttering life and home on this website alone, so the advice is out there, but this is the perfect time to put those ideas into action.

Put those books, CDs and unwanted knick knacks on eBay, gumtree, craigslist or freecycle. Not only is there the possibility of making a bit of extra cash but it will save unnecessarily lifting and will mean less time packing and unpacking things that aren’t needed or used.

The Move

Planning is the key. Make sure all boxes are well packed and labelled before the day, enabling boxes to be taken straight to the correct room immediately.

It may be a cliché but have a kettle handy so that plugging in and having a cup of tea or coffee when one is needed is simple. Don’t over-stretch yourself and if possible, get people to help, it can be a fun exercise if managed correctly.

Settling In

Don’t try and unpack everything straight away. Make sure the essentials are there and then taking it in phases, however it is easiest, one box or one room at a time. Things will take a while to settle down and find themselves homes, but it will happen eventually.

Preparation and Being Systematic

Moving to a new house is a big operation and there is no denying that, however by being prepared for everything that is involved and making sure all the tasks are carried out in an ordered way will mean a lot less stress for everyone involved.