Need to Move? How to Sell a House Fast

Several reasons exist that a homeowner might need to sell a house fast. A shortage of funds may require a current house to sell before a dream house can be purchased. A job transfer out of state may require a quick sale. A house may need to sell fast as part of a settlement of divorce or probate.

The right price is important.

Price your home to attract buyers, according to the article “How to Sell Your House Fast” by Raynor James of Examine the comparable houses in the same neighborhood that sold fast. If no comparables are available, hire a licensed real estate broker or agent to help set the price. A broker or agent will study the inventory of houses sold within the last 30 to 60 days and determine the average number of days needed to market and sell the house for a particular price.

Remove the excess.

Invite buyers by removing clutter, according to the article “8 Hints to Help Sell Your Home Fast” by Jenny McClean of Fast House Sales London. Rearrange or remove furniture to create space. Pick up toys and clothes off the floor. Remove items from kitchen and bathroom countertops. Hang only a few key photographs or pictures on the walls. When in doubt, hire a professional home stager who can help showcase the house’s best features. A staged home looks better than the competition, according to Barb Schwarz, the creator of home staging.

Find and fix flaws.

Have a general home inspection and pest inspection completed before listing the house. Fix any major problems, such as leaking roofs, rotted siding and termite infestation. No money? No worries. Reduce the asking price of the house to account for any necessary repairs.

Perfect landscaping attracts buyers.

Fix the exterior of the house to create curb appeal. Keep the lawn watered and mowed. Trim plants and bushes. Pull up weeds. Clean windows. If there are a lot of homes for sale, a prospective buyer may drive by unattractive houses in favor of ones with more curb appeal.

Easy access means more showings.

Be prepared to leave your home at a moment’s notice so that a potential buyer can look at it. An easy “call, then go” showing policy allows more buyers through the house without the long wait to hear back for an appointment. Real estate brokers and agents often get calls from potential homebuyers with little time and lots of motivation. If the house has a lockbox for the real estate broker or agent to access, then the house can be shown at any time of day. Keep animals secured. The chance of receiving an offer quickly increases with the number of people who see the house.