Step by Step Guide – How to Make Your Ceilings Look Higher with Paint

Do you have low ceilings? Do you want to make your room look larger, and your ceilings higher, simply and easily? You can do this simple home improvement project using nothing more than paint and transform the way your room looks. When you extend your ceiling down into your walls using paint, your ceiling will look higher and the room will look larger. Here’s how to achieve that look.

Things You’ll Need Before You Start :

  • Paint – 2 colours. One for the ceiling, one for the walls
  • 3-inch wide painters tape
  • A chalk line (or chalk box)
  • Stepladder
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure or yardstick
  • Hammer
  • Small nails

Paint the Ceiling

Step 1. Paint your ceiling with the lighter coloured paint. Paint the edges between the ceiling and the walls and then extend the light coloured paint down 8 inches from the ceiling across the entire side of the wall.

Step 2. Do the same thing in the corners of the room. Paint the joint where the two walls meet.

Step 3. Wait 24 hours to be certain that the paint has dried before progressing to the next steps.

Measure and Tape the Walls

Step 1. Measure and tape off where your ceiling will extend down your walls. Extend it about 6 inches–a standard rule of thumb. That is enough room to give a clear distinction without detracting from your walls or ceiling.

Step 2. Standing on a stepladder, measure 6 inches beginning at the ceiling and going down the wall. Mark this spot with a soft pencil line.

Step 3. Bring the stepladder to the other end of the wall. Do the same 6-inch measurement on the wall, marking where it’s 6 inches from the ceiling.

Step 4. Taking the hammer and the nail, attach the end of the chalk line to the wall at the 6-inch pencil mark that was marked earlier. Let the heavier part of the chalk line fall to the floor.

Step 5. Move the stepladder back to the corner where you began. Pick up the chalk line and walk it back to the stepladder. Climb the ladder and place the chalk line on the 6-inch pencil line that you had made earlier.

Step 6. Hold the chalk line taut and pull the line itself to snap it once. This will leave a chalk line that runs the full length of your wall.

Step 7. Use the stepladder and painter’s tape to run the painter’s tape so that it aligns with the chalk line down the full length of your wall.

Step 8. Repeat this process on all of the walls in your room. Pay special attention to the corners so that the painter’s tape lines up.

Paint the Walls

Step 1. Apply the paint as you normally would.

Step 2. Allow the paint to dry 2 hours. Then remove the painter’s tape.

Enjoy seeing your room look larger, instantly!