Unique Artistic Coffee Tables

Any living space with seating can benefit from adding a coffee table to the grouping of home furnishings. These tables encourage socializing by creating a casual setting for drink and food to be shared. The shape of the table can affect the overall effect of the overall look. An oval coffee table has several advantages that should be evaluated. One such advantage is the rounded edges on the table which are useful if the homeowner has small children who could possibly injure themselves by falling against sharp rectangular edges. The oval is also a pleasing and ergonomic shape that usually enhances every configuration of furniture. Finally, the oval coffee table tends to be slender, yet accommodates ample items for display or storage. See Kalusto styled furniture for some stunning examples.

An even more versatile table is a lift top table which adds storage and/or display capability. If the lift top is glass, it can display the items that are stored in its holding area. This table makes it convenient to store remotes and magazines within reach of the sofa and chairs. Both of these tables are made from wood, metal, glass or a combination of materials.

A simple classic design is a faux marble oval shaped table top on a cast iron angular metal base. If your design scheme is contemporary, then this piece is easily converted because of its clean lines. The oval shape is seen in wood tables also. In keeping with the contemporary look, a clear oval glass table top hovers over a frosted glass shelf supported by polished silver tubes attached to curved cherry wood legs. These tables can combine two features, an oval shape and lift top to make a very useful and attractive table. Lift off the inlaid wood top of cherry and walnut to store items. In addition to the hidden storage area, there is a bottom shelf for even more storage. If you’re dealing with limited space but still desire one of these tables, a corner lift top table might be the solution. Not only can you use your space more effectively, the table also provides additional storage space without being bulky.

Coffee tables are accessories that finish a living area. Buying the best fit for your space might mean purchasing an oval coffee table, a lift top coffee table or even combining the two features. Ultimately, you want a table that looks good, fits the space it will be used in and provides a necessary function for your space.